The 28 best tacos in Chicago
Written by Madelyn Sherburn

The 28 best tacos in Chicago

From classic carne asada to funky, veggie-filled creations, these are the best tacos in Chicago

Tacos are a universally loved food, so we’ve searched high and low for the best ones in town. Swaddled in warm, handmade tortillas and packed with a variety of proteins and toppings, these amazing handheld bites are found in both tiny taquerias and fancy Mexican restaurants. The following list covers all of your taco cravings, including carne asada, al pastor, crispy fish, birria and even vegetarian-friendly options. Some of these spots are also among the city’s finest restaurants. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Wicker Park or Pilsen, you’re never too far from the best tacos in Chicago.

1. Crispy tripa tacos at La Chaparrita

You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu at this grocery store-based taqueria, from the extra beefy suadero to the intricately spiced longaniza sausage. But the showstopper is the tripa. Order it crispy, and these little hunks from the cow’s intestine (not, as you would assume, the stomach) arrive as golden-hued and glistening crunchy nuggets.

2. Birria tacos at Birrieria Zaragoza

No other place in Chicago lavishes attention on goat like Birrieria Zaragoza, which serves a plated version of the dish sans tortillas. Instead of bathing in a deep bowl of broth, the roasted and hand-pulled meat is served with a ladleful of flavorful consomme, along with some of the finest handmade tortillas in town. If you’re hungry, get the platter, but we cut to the chase with an order of tacos

3. Tacos de carnitas at Don Pedro Carnitas

One of the preeminent carnitas specialists in town, this Pilsen spot is always bustling—especially on the weekends when lines out the door are common. Tough out the wait and you’ll be rewarded with fried pork that’s been rendered in its own fat. No part of the pig goes to waste so you have the choice of juicy, crispy white and dark meat as well as ribs, stomach, skin and brains. The meat is available by the pound and served with complimentary tortillas and condiments so you can build your own tacos.

Written by

Madelyn Sherburn

Madelyn Sherburn

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